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Wichita Lineman [userpic]

I raise my hat to the strange phenomena

February 6th, 2006 (02:04 pm)

current mood: spooked
current song: Kate Bush - Oh to be in love

I had freaky time on the night between saturday and sunday. I wasn't sleeping too good cause I was a bit drunk and I knew that I had to get up yearly to work. First I woke up at 4 a.m and couldn't get sleep for an hour after that. Next time I woke up at 6.30 to the sound of our door opening, but I didn't pay any mind to it 'cause it always does that. Few minutes later I heard this horrible loud creaking sound from our living room. It sounded like someone would have been touching windows with sweaty hands. I wanted to scream but I couldn't get any sound from my throat because I was so scared. The sound stopped but continued after a while. Once again I wanted to scream and wake Ville up but I couldn't. Then it just stopped and everything went completely silent. I, in the other hand, was afraid to even move. I'm still not sure did that actually happen or was it just a REALLY realistic dream. Weird thing was that when I got home from work and told Ville about this, he noticed this odd stain in our living room window that was not there before.....

Wichita Lineman [userpic]

What a life! True life is elsewhere. We are not in the world.

January 26th, 2006 (10:41 am)

current mood: sick

This year is obviously not going to be very good for me. Once again I'm sick. I don't get how one person ca, be so often ill..this sucks!

Last weekend was a blast though. Katri surprised me by calling on friday and asked if she and Juho can come visit us on saturday. Since I don't have a life, I was more than happy about that. Anyway, I was at work on saturday and I wasn't feeling too good. I've had a sore throat for a few days and it just got worse. Well I felt a bit better when I got home and sauna and got something hot to drink. Little bit later at night we decided to go to town. First we went to this bar which is right next to the buss stop. It's pretty horrible place but I knew that there wouldn't be too much people in there. We sat there maybe an hour and Ville left to Tavastia (some band was playing there) but we didn't want to go 'cause it cost 10 euros to get in, so three of us went to Loose (my favorite bar). We sat on a same table with couple of girls and started to talk with them and they turned ot to be very nice people. Little bit later Ville came there too and went on and on about that band he had just seen and how I just have to see it. In some point I noticed that my voice was starting to fade but I just kept smoking. Anyway, we stayed there till closing time. I really don't remember what we talked about but I do remember having a lot of fun. We took a cab to home. On the way Tero called and we invited him to our place. We didn't think that he would actually come but he did. Once again, I don't really have very clear picture about what we may have talked about but do I remember watching GG Allin documentary and how Tero's friend ,which he brought whit him, didn't get it at all.

Next day I was feeling horrible and my voice had just gotten worse. In another words I didn't have any voice. I though that it would get better by wednesday when I had to go to work again, but no. It's still the same and I have a sick leave for the rest of the week. Otherwise Sunday was a nice day. After Katri and Juho left me and Ville went to town to eat and rent some movies. We took The Barber and Boogeyman. First one was a really positive surprise. We rented it 'cause it has Malcolm McDowell in a leading role. We didn't have very high expectations but it turned out to be rather good. I could almost say it's a 4 star movie, or at least 3 and a half.
Boogeyman in the other hand...Now, first of all I wanna make it clear that we rented this movie only because we couldn't find anything even semi-interesting and 'cause it is, after all, produced by Sam Raimi. The movie starts out good. The tension was build well and I thought it was pretty scary, but then about half way trough it just goes downhill. Right after they show the boogeyman the high tension and creepy atmosphere just disappears. There were three big things bothering this movie.
First: the boogeyman is unbelievably badly done. they probably had some what generous budget for this film, so why waste money for crappy computer animations? I haven't seen animation that bad since 1999.
Second: The end of the movie is silly. Running around and going through portals just doesn't quite fit in this movie and I sincerely think that it spoils it completely.
Third: There was some huge holes in the plot. I'm not a fan of explaining everything, you have to leave something for the viewers imagination, but they could at least have tell the story of the boogeyman! And then there were the missing kids. You can't just mention something like that and then leave it. That's just stupid! If this movie would have concentrated more on the relationship between the characters (like between the leading character and hes family or/and the cildhoodfriend Kate)and explained the character of the boogeyman better, it could have been a decent movie but now it's just crap.

My trip to the doctor yesterday didn't go very well. Because of my voice I thought that I won't call to work until I know how many days of sick leave I get. There was 3 people before me so I had to wait a while. After I'd seen the doctor I had to go to the laboratory to get some tests done and I though that I'd call after that since I didn't want to call from the waiting room full of people (and because my brain wasn't working too good because of the fever). Well it took even longer to get in the laboratory so my boss called me and man, was she pissed off!! She just screamed at me that I was supposed to be at work etc. I told her that I was at a doctor and I was sorry for not calling earlier. Well obviously she didn't want to hear that and just continued with screaming. " You should call here at 7.00 a.m if you know that you're sick" She yelled, and before I could answer that I wasn't aware that there was anyone around that time, she continued "And don't tell me you didn't know that 'cause you do!!". Then she said that she'll give me an notice about this and screamed some other things that I wasn't really listening. Well what can I say, I was stupid. It was my totally my fault but excuse me for wanting to save my voice and not thinking clearly because of the fever. I mean, I DO understand why she was so upset and I'm actually very angry with my self for being so stupid(I'm usually very accurate about these things), but screaming at me really won't make it any better. Only thing that it did, is that I now finally decided to quit that stupid fucking job (not before I get a new one of course) and write a complain about that bitch.

So...that's about it. My great fucking life...

Wichita Lineman [userpic]

(no subject)

January 17th, 2006 (02:12 pm)

current mood: happy

It was a busy weekend again. Friday was REALLY long day for me. I went shopping with Ville straight after work and we didn't get home until after 9.00 p.m. Anyways, we were supposed to get me a new bag but instead we just ended up buying records and movies. I bought Robyn Hitchcock's Queen Elvis and Kate Bushes The Kick Inside, both of them great. Then I found Vertigo for sale and I just had to get it, since I haven't seen it (what a shame!!). Then we found a Ramones clock and we had to buy it too. We also got a new night lamp and Ville bought Casino, American Graffiti and some records but I don't remember what.

We didn't do anything much on saturday. Just went to watch this Ramones DVD with a friend. Well, I did get that new bag...

We had the company's christmas party on sunday but I didn't stay very long cause I drank a bit too much and started feeling ill...

Yesterday we watched the last movie from the Tigon collection, Body Stealers. Man, it was silly! Well, it wasn't a copy of the Invasion of the Body Snatchers, like I thought, but it was really stupid.

Oh yeah, here's an old painting I found. I didn't even remember it. It's at least 2 years old but I still kind of like it...
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Wichita Lineman [userpic]

(no subject)

January 12th, 2006 (03:12 pm)

current mood: artistic
current song: Kate Bush-How to be invisble

One thing I forgot to mention yesterday:
Last friday we went to Ville's mom's for dinner and there was a late christmas present from Ville's father and his new wife waiting for me. It was a huge package of gel-pens! I mean, what am I? 12-years old!?! Well, Ville told me later that they meant to give them to some girl about that age, but then they heard that she already has pens like that, so they decided to give them to me because "I also draw ". If I didn't know these people(and know that they're just plain stupid) I would take that as an insult. I can say right now that I will have absolutely NO use for those pens. Stupid, insulting gift....

Well, the weather is great and I'm feeling very...inspired

I started to form another poem today. It's based on a true story...

In the room 524
lives a man
like I've never seen before
He has a long coat
and a big brim hat
and the only thing he ever wears
is the color black
With him he carries a small suitcase
and in all this time
I've never seen his face

Wichita Lineman [userpic]

Bad news

January 11th, 2006 (03:22 pm)

current mood: scared
current song: Kate Bush-Aerial

Once again, this has not been my week. This weird toothache started to bother me last week. I tried to get a appointment to a dentist but of course I couldn't. They just said that if my cheek is not swollen or anything they can't help me. Well the pain went away for the weekend and I thought it was gone, but yesterday it started again. I called the dentist again and this time I got a time. The lady said that she booked me a time at 10 o'clock but when I got there the whole waiting room was full of people and I ended up waiting for a hour and a half. Anyway, when I finally got to the doctor she took a look at my teeth and said that I have some cavities and that's what's been bothering me. So she started to drill and noticed that the cavity went so deep that is was in the core. So now I have to go to a root canal! I am so fucking scared.

And my dear boss has her lovely self once again. I wen to tell her this morning that I have a doctor's appointment next week at 1 o'clock. Of course the first question was that can I changed it. No I can't I said, I have to pickup a new recipe and it can't wait. Well are you sure? she asks. Yes I'm sure, it was hard to get this appointment, I booked it a month ago. Well why couldn't you tell this before, she says now with an angry tone. Didn't think it was necessary. Then she finally agreed to give me a short day. Well then I asked If I could come to work little bit later next monday. She says ok, I think it can be arrange. Then I say (just to explain why I want a later start)that I'm going to the company's christmas party(yes, we have a christmas party at january) on sunday and she replies very rudely "So does everyone else, that is no excuse!"
I'm telling you, that woman has a serious attitude problem! No matter how polite you try to be, she's just always a total bitch!!!

Well a bit happier news, me and Ville had our 2 year anniversary last saturday. We had the nicest time. I got Kate Bush's Lionheart album (which totally rocks!) and a bunch of beautiful red tulips(my favourite flower) from Ville and I gave him a movie called Il Portiere di notte(Night porter). First we went to the zoo to see the seals. We spent about 2 hours there and then came back to town and went to eat to this really nice restaurant(Salve). It has the biggest portions I've ever seen and they don't pay much and taste real good! Then we went to back home and watched some quality movies (like The Haunted house of horror, Blood on satan's claw and Beast in the cellar) and had wine, french bread and leipäjuusto (bread cheese).

Today, after work, I went to buy the new Kate Bush album, which has so far been very good. Then I also bought a new plant for our kitchen.....aaand that's about it.

Oh yeah, Here's a poem I started to write one day when I was really bored and depressed. It's not ready yet though...

Poem for Vincent Price
Mr. White
was black as the night
dind't have a job
and was scared of the light
He didn't have a girlfriend
or drive a fancy car
but worst of all
he was living in his mom's garage

Wichita Lineman [userpic]

(no subject)

December 29th, 2005 (11:20 am)

current mood: angry

Plaaah, what a shitty week. I'm having a crisis again because I'm not doing anything important with my life. I hate my fucking job more than ever and I think I'm having some kind of nervous breakdown. I just H-A-V-E to get in to come school next year. Otherwise I'll go crazy.

Well christmas went well. Nothing special really happened. I just ate too much and got some nice presents (morning gown, couple of books, one Echo and the bunnymen album etc.). It just seemed to go too fast. I had to travel back to Hellsinki on the christmas day and go to work right the next day.

My boss has been all over my for the past few weeks. I just don't get what's her problem! Yesterday I has this "development conversation" with her, which basically meant that I had to sit and listen to her trashing me for an hour. We should clean up the rooms according to this certain order, and I was stupid enough to tell my boss that I do not precisely follow it. Man, did she get pissed off about that! She asked me (in very unkind tone) that do I think that all those 100 housekeepers that have design this order, are wrong? I said that no I don't think so, but if I do my job more quickly in my way (which, by the way, does not differ much from the "real" work order)doesn't it make more sense to do it that way? She just asked me the same question again and wouldn't quit before I agreed to that the work should be done according to the given order and promised to it them that way from this on. Rest of the conversation she just dropt a little hints about how bad employee I am and accused me about things that I have not done. Then she actually suggest the possibility that I might need some more guidance in my work. Now that, lady's and gentlemen, is just plain provoking and fucking rude!! I've been doing that god damn job for (about) 4 months so I THINK I know how to do it!!

In addition to all of this, I'm sick (flu or something)and I think I'm developing an allergy for dust.
Life sucks!

Oh yeah, one thing I forgot to mention. I went to the doctor yesterday because of this flu. I told her that I don't have a fever but I'm feeling absolutely horrible, my stomach is upset and nose bleeds. Well, she said that since I don't have a fever she can't give me anymore than 2 days of sick leave and she sounded like she didn't even believe me being sick. Then she said that if I'm still sick on saturday (I have work on weekends too)I have to go to the nearest open health center. So it seems that I'm going to spend my new years eve standing in line with bunch of sick old lady's. Then on top of this, she gave me some Duacts (it's an allergy medicine that drys the mucous) even though I specifically told her that my nose is already bleeding!! I'm never going to that god damn place again!

Wichita Lineman [userpic]

Tulipa taas hölmöiltyä...

December 20th, 2005 (06:33 pm)

current mood: joulua odotellessa...
current song: Patti Smith-Birdland

Juu, oltiinpa Villen kanssa pikkujouluissa viime viikonloppuna. Cuba libret koituivat kohtalokseni....Pitäisi ehkä pysytellä pelkästään toss kaljan juomisessa kun tuun viinasta vähän turhan riahakkaaseen humalaan(päädyin jostain syystä näyttämään tissit...). No ei siinä mitään, ihan hauskat pikkujoulut oli. Siellä kävi jopa ei niin ratis-pukki joka toi miulle joulukuusen(se tosin meinas unohtua baarin narikkaan...) :) Loppuilta oli tosin aika kauhee kun mentiin sellaseen IHAN hirveeseen baariin(lihatiski olisi ehkä parempi sana) jossa sellaset pienet peroxidi blondit töni miuta koko illan ja inhottavat baarimikot tulivat sanomaan "anteeksi mutta ette voi polttaa täällä". Ihan järkyttävän kauheaa, kuten oli myös krapulani seuraavana aamuna...

Tänään sain viimeisetkin joululahjat ostettua, jei! :)

Ainiin, Patti Smith RULAA!!!!!

Wichita Lineman [userpic]

suomeksi tällä kertaa...

December 7th, 2005 (06:54 pm)

current mood: amused

Hitsit, on ollut vähän turhan paljon väliä kun viimeks tänne kirjottelin...Oon ollu vaan niin hemmetin saamaton...

Oli suhteellisen vauhdikas reissu Tampereelle viime viikonlopuna. Mentiin sinne Villen ja sen kaverin Teron kanssa kattomaan CMX (ei saatu lippuja Tavastian keikalle). Alotettiin ryyppääminen joskus viiden maissa ja lopetetttiin muistaakseni joskus neljältä aamulla.
Kun alkuillasta lähettiin syömään niin meitä vastaan tuli käytävässä ihan jumalaton joukko jotain ihme hiphoppareita(tai miks sellasia nyt sanotaankaan). Tero sitten kysy et ketä ne on kun niitä on niin helvetisti. Vastaus oli(hyvin polleana) "me ollaan Rähinä Live. Meitä on paljon". Oltiin sitten ihan huonona koko ilta kun ajateltiin, että ne varmaan pitää ihan kauheeta meteliä.

No joka tapauksessa päästiin kolmen tai neljän baarin jälkeen vihdoin sinne keikkapaikalle (eli Pakkahuoneelle), ja juuri hyvään aikaan koska se keika alko samantien kun saatiin kaljat käteen. Seisoskeltiin ekana siellä takana mut sitten Tero alko raahaamaan meitä edemmäs. Tämä toistui pari kertaa kunnes me oltiin melkeen eturivissä ja ihmiset näytti siltä, että ne aikoo tappaa meidät. Hyvällä ne eivät myöskään katsoneet sitä kun Tero, yli kaksimetrinen mies jolla on hyvin kuuluva ääni, huutaa joka biisin välissä "soittakaa rokkia eikä mitään hippi musaa!!" Mie ja Ville tosin naurettiin kippurassa. Keikan jälkeen ongelmana oli tietysti ulospääsy. Oltiin ihan lavan edessä ja narikkalle oli pitkä matka. Onneksi Tero sai hienon idean: se ja Ville kantoivat miuta niin, että ihmiset luuli, että miulla oli joku hätänä ja tekivät tietä. Sitten vaan mentiin narikka jonon ohi ja ulos. Ihmettelen edelleen miten myö ei saatu turpaan joltakin kun hoettiin melkeen kokoajan "kyl Tavastia on parempi. Ois ollu parempi keikka jos ois Tavastialla"

Tämän jälkeen siirryimme johonkin läheiseen "rokki baariin", jossa istuttiin ihan ihmeen kauan. Sen jälkeen mentiin kai keskustaan päin kunnes Tero sai idean mennä ostamaan meille lihikset. Mentiin sitten siihen grilille kun siihen tuli joku poika kysymään, että tiedetäänkö me missä on joku baari. Sanottiin, että ei kun ei olla Tamperelaisia. Kävi ilmi ,että se poika oli myös kotoisin Vantaan Martinlaaksosta kuten Ville ja Terokin. Tero innostui siitä niin paljon, että nosti sen poika paran ylösalasin ja osti sille lihiksen.
Sen jälkeen käytiin useassa baarissa mutta muistikuvat ovat hiukan heikot. Sen tiedän, että juotu ikinä kun yhet ja sitten mentiin ettimään "joku parempi paikka". Viimesen baarin muistan hyvin koska Tero meni häiriköimään erästä pikkujoulu seuruetta huiskimalla niitä kaulaliinallaan. Olivat hiukan äkäisen näköisiä. Lähdettiin juuri ennen kun Tero kerkesi valmistautua viuhahtamaan...

Kun päästiin hotellille sinne oli samaan aikaan tulossa joku pariskunta, mutta me ei jostain syystä suostuttu menemään niiden kanssa samaan hissiin. Ne tulikin sitten meidän kanssa samalle kerrokselle ja Tero huuteli niille jotain että "Alatteks te rähisee!?!". Hiukan myöhemmin Tero juoksi alasti käytävään huutamaan "onks tääl jotain rähinää!?!" mutta kukaan ei noteerannut...Teron piti nukkua vuodesohvalla mutta se onnistui "hajottamaan" sen ja kömpi sitten sinne sänkyyn miun ja Villen viereen. Aamulla olikin kova ihmettely, että miksi Ville nukkuu siinä vieressä...

Wichita Lineman [userpic]

It's so beautiful!

November 2nd, 2005 (04:42 pm)

current mood: full

Last weekend was a blast.
Paula came here on friday and we went record/movie/winter coat shopping. I bought Jethro Tull's Agualung and Paula some Birthday party's album. Didn't find that coat. We DID found this green, Germany's flags on the sleeves, kind of army like coat, that from the first look looked nice but when we looked at it little closer we noticed that there was this huge Che Guevara on the back. I mean, Germany's flags and Che Guevara, whatta fuck!?! It was pretty hilarious. We meant to go get autograps from Marco Rota, but then there was this big sing on the front that said "come and get your new Marco Rota book singed" and of course we didn't have the money to buy the book (it was 34 euros. I would really want it though 'cause there lot of storys that haven't been published in the finnish Donald Duck magazine)and we were too embarrassed to go ask them with out it. Well, at least I can say that I have seen Marco Rota....
Then ville came to town and we went to eat and then to Filmifriikki to get the movies we had ordered (Audition and Russ Myers Vixen trilogy). Then, of course, we found couple of other movies to buy as well, and we just had to get them (Misery and Cannibal Holocaust were in sale!). Then some more record shopping, shoes for Ville, christmas pentagram (it's a lantern,ok?) for me and then home.

Night Visions was of course on saturday and it was just great. I had forgotten how much I actually enjoy those movie festivals. The first movie was From Beyond which was absolutely hilarious. It was one of those movies that is so bad that it go straight back to good. Second one was corpse Bride and it was a bit of a disapointment. One thing that really bothered me was all of those little H&M-goth-girls that were filling the audience. They just make me so mad. I honestly think that there should be a rule that bans those people from these kind of festivals. They don't understand anything about movies and they should just stay at home!!!
Anyway there was this really "funny" guy in the line for Corpse Bride. He started to pick a fight with this other guy and was screaming "just you and me out front after this movie! I'll stab you to death! I don't care If I'll go to jail!!" It was so funny, especially when the guy was very small and had this really annoying high voice. We didn't see any fight afterwords though....
We only saw those two movies. We would have wanted to see more but there wasn't anything interesting on after Corpse Bride so we went home.

Wichita Lineman [userpic]

(no subject)

October 26th, 2005 (05:10 pm)

current mood: blah

I had a very pleasant weekend with that wonderful boyfriend of mine. After Ville got home from that cruise we decided to go to town to look for new jeans for me. First we went to eat at our favorite kebab place and then UFF. Instead of finding jeans I found very cool leather coat for only 4 euros! Ville also bought two coats. Then it started to rain and we ran to Loose (our favorite bar) for a beer. It was really nice since there was not too may people and we got the best seats in the house(meaning the sofa). In the evening we went for a dinner to this belgian restaurant with some of Ville's friends. We ate clams and belgium potatoes and it was surprisingly good.

On sunday I went for a coffee with a friend of mine and that's about it....What a boring life I live...


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